The past months have been busy, but filled with 20 people accepting the Lord as their personal Lord and Savior! The Kingdom of God is expanding! We celebrate with the new believers and the families that are being reached here in Honduras. Baptisms have occurred in El Chapulin, El Paraiso and La Victoria.


Anniversary Celebration! 
Last weekend the San Lorenzo church plant celebrated 14 years of being a church.  This celebration was a joint effort of several of the church plants traveling to, attending, and participating in this celebration. We praise God for Neptali (pastor in San Lorenzo) and his faithful service in ministry.  We also praise God for the members that make up His church there in San Lorenzo.
Over the past few years there has been a strong commitment of the leadership in La Victoria to promote and support the joining of couples in marriage through civil and church ceremonies.  In focusing on building up leadership in the church there were several men who were great candidates for being a part of the leadership team with in the church, but several were living with women that they were not legally married to. When asked why they were not married to them the answer was always because they did not have the money to do so. Many of the people who live outside of Tegucigalpa live off the land farming there own food and so there are no extra funds to put towards things one of them being weddings. Through your support of Mision Caribe, a portion the cost to legalize marriages has happened. The church and the community have also played an important role in these celebrations with food and decorations.
Construction Projects
With the financial and physical support of several churches (Eastridge Community, Central Christian, Bethel Christian, Carterville Christian, PleasentView Church, Crossbridge Christian) coming to visit us here in Honduras we have been able to continue on in this physical aspect of the ministry.  The construction projects that have occurred in June, July, and August are the following:At mission house- painting outside wall / new couch cushions
In Los Jutes- Septic tank, leveling the land around it, roof
In El Espinal- Starting the foundation for Children’s classrooms.
In Villa Franca- 2 Bathroom stalls at church
In La Victoria- Kitchen

Thanks for your support and visit here in Honduras!

This summer with the help of Eastridge Community church and Central Christian Church we were able to have a children’s day camp for ages 3-9 and an adolescent overnight camp for ages 10-14. These camps were a huge blessing to several of our church plants in the area of outreach to those who do not attend church on a regular basis, but also a blessing to those who regularly attend church. Here in Tegucigalpa there are not a lot of opportunities for kids to get outside and enjoy running and playing.  With the kids day camp they were able to do so as well as get to go to a zoo which was a treat for so many as finances do not allow these extra things to happen for so many as many parents do not have jobs or a way of income.  Our church plants have a focused goal to reach out to future generation as many starting as kids have huge influences in gang activity all around them. We believe that they truly are the future of the church!
New Honduran Board
Last week was the election of a new Honduran Board. Every 5 years as a Non-profit Organization it is required to resign former members or elect new members. Mision Caribe has been in a time of transition and restructure and evaluating the function of the ministry. Over the past several years the ministry has grown and so this year was a time of being able to make a few changes. The first priority was the election of Honduran board. This new board makes up of 5 people from 4 different church plants. They are all members / volenteer leaders of one of the church plants. We praise God for there willingness to serve and support Mison Caribe in this role.