Short-Term Mission Trips

We are booking for 2018 and it is filling up fast! We are excited to be growing as a mission and meeting new faces each year and this year is no exception! God has blessed us with a great location right next to the airport in Tegucigalpa and we use this to our advantage. Along with our staff, visiting teams have been able to build and repair houses, church buildings, hold medical and dental clinics, and donate food, diapers and school supplies. It is our desire is to serve the people of Honduras, but we cannot do it on our own. We pray that God continues to send people like you who will help us to help others. No matter what your team wants to do, our staff is committed to making your trip safe and life changing!

Purpose: To offer you the chance to experience God in a different culture and to allow the Holy Spirit to change your life as you serve God faithfully. Whoever you are we have a project to fit you and/or your group. Please contact Mision Caribe for a list of current projects.

Who: Individuals, youth groups, college groups, adult life groups as well as any other team your church may put together.

What: There are several different opportunities such as construction projects, medical and dental clinics, Bible teaching in public schools, visiting public orphanages and nursing homes, and evangelism opportunities. There is usually 1 to 3 days on the selected project. Other activities include house calling and school visits, Wednesday night teaching and a daily devotional with the staff and your team.

How Long: Usually short-term trips last 8-10 days. This allows for one worship service with the nationals and a souvenir shopping trip during your stay.

Cost: Room and board is $40 per night per person for all groups. The cost includes housing, meals and transportation while you are here. Souvenirs and snacks are NOT included in room and board. The airport requires a $40 exit fee but this is currently included in the airfare price, so this should be taken care of with your plane ticket purchase.

Airfare: American, Delta and American Airlines as well as TACA all fly into Tegucigalpa. Prices vary depending on your departure city.

Sample Itinerary***: We will pick you up at the airport on Saturday. The mission house is a few minutes away from the airport. After a welcome meeting, we will head to El Pichacho (a National Park overlooking Tegucigalpa) for pictures and some time to walk around. Then back to the mission house for dinner. Sunday you will be able to worship with one of the churches in the area and in the afternoon we’ll do some souvenir shopping in the Valle de Angeles. On Monday, you will begin working on your project, doing house calling or preparing for bible study lessons with the children. This may involve a bus ride of several hours to one of the rural churches, possibly staying overnight in the church. Tuesday and Wednesday will be more of the same with participation in the feeding program at Villa Franca and school visits with several nearby public schools. Wednesday night we will participate with the local church in their worship service. Thursday we will visit a private school in the morning and a public school in the afternoon. Friday will be an unscheduled day with some time for relaxation or group time. Friday evening we will take you to an authentic Honduran restaurant for dinner. Saturday, after breakfast and morning devotionals, we’ll take you to the airport for your flight home!

***Please understand that the missions environment is ever changing and this is just a sample itinerary. We encourage you to be flexible and willing to adapt to the missions environment with a servant’s heart.

How: Contact us for any questions or to book your trip!

Click HERE to download our Short-term Mission Trip Guide


Check out what some previous short term missionaries had to say about their experiences with Mision Caribe.

In 2011, my church in Carthage, Missouri spent a week in Honduras and within that week, I knew that God wanted me to come back and do more work to glorify Him. So through a lot of prayer and help from my church, I purchased my plane ticket and was off to Honduras! Once I started working with Mision Caribe in the schools and churches, I felt a burden on my heart. I felt like God kept asking me why I had to travel out of the country to help out. I knew that when I came back home I needed to help out in my church and make a difference in others’ lives. God taught me many lessons through my internship but the main lesson was to put others first and help others find the amazing and wonderful God that I know and to learn as much as possible about Him. – Emilie Wallace – 2012 Summer Intern

Mision Caribe is a growing and healthy segment of the church. It’s a privilege and a blessing to work with Deniss and Ana, the pastors of the churches and the support staff. I’ve worked with them in different missions projects for 5 years and the way God works through them continues to amaze me as well as the people on the teams that I’ve led. I look forward to each trip. -Matt Harenza – Board Member

From the moment we landed, I fell in love with the beauty of Honduras. From the landscape, to the people, to the simplicity of life, God really showed me how His beauty is flowing through this country. God is doing a mighty work in Honduras and it was such a blessing to get to be a part of that. I’m so grateful for the love and hospitality that is so ingrained in their way of living. I’m challenged to model my life in the same way. -Lori Langebartels – Short Term Missionary

My mission trip to Honduras really put things in perspective. The people of Villa Franca live in very poor conditions, yet when you talk with them, all they can do is praise God for what they do have, for their families and for their health. Truly amazing! -Cindy Stark – Short Term Missionary

We came in the summer of 2011 with our church and fell in love with the people, the country and the staff. We went back to Kansas with every intention of coming back in 2012. God made it happen. With love and support from our families, church and friends, we’ve been able to spend two months here. We have been so blessed to be a part of what God is doing here. The welcome of the staff, who has become family to us, has been wonderful. We are able to use the gifts God has blessed us with to serve the mission staff and the churches that are established. We have renewed acquaintances from last year and have grown friendships that will last into eternity. Our hearts are firmly in Honduras and we will return for a longer term, God willing! {And if you think you are too old think again, we’re in our fifties!!} – Mike & Teresa Moore – 2012 Interns

Everyday was an amazing day; there was never a day where God wasn’t showing me something or wasn’t clearly and vividly at work. This experience helped me grow in my faith daily. The experiences that I was able to share with brothers and sisters were one of the best parts of the trip. Being able to pray, learn, teach, explore and grow alongside my Christian brothers and sisters was certainly something to be thankful for. I also worked during the summer with Pastor Anibal in Los Jutes teaching the youth. God was with me and over the course of the summer I got to see four of the youth in my class get baptized and I saw many lives change. I was able to serve by helping to meet the needs of several poor communities, through feeding programs, construction projects, house calling and much more. It would be impossible to wrap up everything that I was able to experience as a servant of Christ during the summer. But overall, it is absolutely fair to say that I grew exponentially in my walk with Christ. – Michael Weeks – Summer Intern 2012

Click HERE to download our Short-term Mission Trip Guide

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