What to expect.

One of the main question we get asked is, what are we going to be doing? Here is a general itenerary that sums up the average group’s time spent in Honduras. Each group is different and we plan different activities depending on the groups preferences, but this just gives you an idea about what you can expect when you visit. There is also an optional recreational day that isn’t mentioned, but can have one if your group so desires. It is very difficult for us to put together each groups Itenerary months in advance, because things change here with wind. So hopefully, this can hold you over and give you some ideas what you would need to prepare for when you come.

(* We recommend that your trip be at least 9 days- this allows for 2 travel days, also one full weekend)

General Itenerary

Arrival Day:

  • Pick Up from Airport
  • Meet with Group
  • Buy snacks for the week
  • Group Time

Day one: Devotions / Constuction / Group Time

Day two: Devotions / House Calling / Prayer Meeting

Day three: Devotions / House Calling / Bible Study

Day four: Devotions / School Outreach / Constuction

Day five: Ministry Activity or Sight seeing/Dinner Night

Departure Day: Devotions / Go to Airport

You Can Donate Online

You can now donate to Mision Caribe Online! It is because of supporters like you that we are able to serve in Honduras! Thank you!


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